Musing, Dark…

August 1, 2007 at 3:11 am (Caledon, original poetry/prose, the Muse sings)

The Lady moves through the night-shadowed forest in a quiet rustle of fabric punctuated by the occasional snapping twig. Her clothing is dark, her cloak and hair dark, but her skin is pale, and her eyes shine, and it is to these the viewer’s eyes are drawn. The soul shines out of eyes, and this soul is glitteringly unique, aware and awake and alive and sharp– even if it does not yet perceive you.
She moves closer, sensing no audience. Closer to a twisted old tree, gnarled and bent, the hunch of its’ limbs implying an old, lithe intelligence. The Lady pauses a moment, gazing up at the tree, then sinks to the moss beneath. She kneels, then stretches fully across the leaf-bedded forest floor, heedless of dirt or propriety. Lays there, breathing deeply of the rich loamy air. A tiny spider considers exploring the long velvet plain of her dress, but is startled away when it shifts, slides, moving away as she turns to lie half-twisted on her back, gazing up at the stars sparkling through the branches.
“O tree, me dear old friend… tonight is–” she speaks, a rich Irish lilt, voice failing at the end, her throat closing suddenly. She coughs a little, and sits up, trailing fallen leaves from her back and hair.
This time she speaks with a musical strength, her words spinning like bright swords through the darkened wood. “Tonight is a special night, an in-between night. Tonight I find meself pulled so taut as to snap. But snap, no, I cannot break, not after all this… tonight instead of breaking, I let meself split open… split open, and let the song flow free–“, her voice hardens and cracks.
The Lady pulls back the layer of dark velvet, and also the layers of delicate silk and lace. Held fast to pale skin by a ribboned garter is a shining thing of metal, a silver flask, which she unties and unscrews and lifts to trembling lips. She drinks deep of secret spirits and night forest air, then falls back to the mossy earth, arms flung out, hair and cloak and skirts billowing out, then settling … making her form into a shape, a symbol… that is almost recognizable.
She draws a deep breath and laughs, her voice rich and merry and light with sudden freedom. The notes of it spill over the forest, whirling like drunken revelers in aging finery. The notes are then suddenly ordered, stretched along like pearls on a thread, then with a lilting twist, yanked taut to begin the song…



  1. Secundo Dharma said,

    A man in the shadows listens and watches, knowing not what lies inside the mysterious Lady’s heart, just knowing he wants to know.

  2. Hotspur O'Toole said,

    A shabby officer in patched military uniform that might once have been green, riding on a horse that has seen better years, reigns in and listens, momentarily. His weathered face shows a grin as he touches the brim of his hat in a carefree salute. He canters off, whistling a tune that has been on the edge of his mind all day.

  3. Dr. Darien J. Mason said,

    Somewhere deep within the jungles of Sumatra, a tired man sits on a log by a small fire, removing his pith helmet to wipe the sweat from his brow. Unaware of the danger just below him, a fanged snake slithers over his boot, unseen under the shadow of the canopy except for a a blazing pinprick of light that defines his black scales with yellow spots as he glides. The serpent arches over the toe of the Doctor’s boot, raising his head and stretching his jaws at the sight of an inch of exposed flesh. A sudden shock of cold air causes him to shudder and roll back to the leafy floor. Quickly he shrinks from view as the chill wind disturbs the ferns and silences the cacophony of birds and frogs and larger beasts. The wind brings the scents of moss and straw and ancient oaks, echoing with laughter coalescing to notes and lyrics untranslatable.

    The Doctor looks up as weary eyes widen, forgetting for a moment where he is as his weary senses are sweetly deceived. “Thank you, Darkling,” he whispers as he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, rejuvenated by the imported memories of his homeland before the jungle’s heat and mist envelop him again.

  4. JJ Drinkwater said,

    A librarian sits up late, the tiny office away back in the deep stacks lit by candles now burning low. Poring over an old manuscript, he suddenly looks up, a vagrant thought teasing at the edge of his mind, and obeying an impulse, he blows out the candles. As the blackness closes around him, he listens, trying to still even his breath, to catch….what? Then he smiles in the dark.

    “Oh” he says, wonderingly “It has begun.”

  5. Erasmus Margulis said,

    Between silken sheets two lovers stop in their throes. The man stops and lifts his head, listening intently. The woman, shocked by the intermission in their lovemaking looks at the man above her and furrows her brow. “Something wrong love?” she asks. The man laughs, the woman below him forgotten for the moment, smiles wryly. “She comes….” he says with a smile on his face. The woman giggles and says “Not yet love, but soon.” The man brings his attention back to the woman and says….”Aye……soon”.

  6. Emilly Orr said,

    She has sat atop her skybox for most of the day, listening to the distant thread of song, pairing it with the dark threads that run through her heart already, and she finally gains the strength to smile. Random chants and the scent of old oaks and the feel of cool ground, far far away, renewing, replenishing…

    She stands, brushing at her skirts, nodding. She descends from the roof to the room, seeing a flash of dark hair by the fire, and nods. She’s ready now.

    Horned one, lover, son,
    Leaper in the corn…

    Indeed. She breathes in, nods in the direction of Tanglewood, and walks towards her fire, still with the Beltane lamp on the hearthside.

  7. Mavromichali Szondi said,

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