Journey to … the Mysterious Island: Hot Water

September 18, 2007 at 4:45 am (Caledon, Mysterious Island, original poetry/prose)

I told the cannibals they shouldn’t bother with the cook pot, that I was best served raw.

Well I thought this was funny! but the cannibals did not. It would seem that a predelection for the taste of human flesh (and I do mean the inside, not the outside) does not include a gourmet’s desire for experimentation. They were completely uninterested in hearing about sashimi or Darkling tartare.

At least we got a good hot mineral soak out of it. My knotted shoulder muscles were almost loosened to a state of warm bliss by the time Kiralette flounced out of the jungle and saved us all. My plea of “just five more minutes!” was lost in the crashing sound of upended cookpots and doused flames. Ah well… Good kitty! I am growing her a catnip tree if ever we get out of this. I gave her a healing salve for her hands, (I shall have to watch them to make sure they heal properly), then she and Gnarli trotted off to coo at each other under a tree.

Miss Terry and Lord Zealot looked like wet, sullen cats. The Duchesses were exclaiming at the tastiness of the vegetables that had been stewed with them in their cook pot.

Old man Oolon actually looked less wrinkly when he came out of the hot cook pot than when he went in. I’d encourage you to imagine that but truly, I’m not that cruel; I wish I hadn’t seen that. … Oh. Ah. I suppose I’ve gone and made you imagine it after all. So sorry, really… here, instead have a good long look at this photograph of a pretty flower, you’ll feel better.

Back on the island, we stood around staring at each other, we intrepid explorers; wet and dressed in our undertings, ash-flecked and scratched and burned and slightly pink. I grinned at the dismayed faces around me. They stared back, disturbed at the giddy light in my eyes.

“Is anyone else havin a bloody fun time too? Because I am havin so much fun I could scream! Wooooh, how long has it been since any of us had sooch a rippin good adventure?!” I did a crazy-happy little dance, the wet ribbons dangling limply from my corset. They just stared at me, as if awaiting the punchline. “Did anyone happen to see what they did with our clothing?”

Eventually, we found our various sand- and ash-smudged clothing pieces tossed into a bin marked “donations”. Well, we did find most of them, but being short several pieces, were forced to share what was left in the interest of decency and warmth.

Hah! I lie, actually. I had my small beaded bag, and within it, nearly everything I owned, including my entire wardrobe. (It’s bigger on the inside than the outside. It’s magik.) So I suppose I could have found enough to cover everyone properly, but it was so heartwarming watching everyone share and look after each other, we priviledged of Caledon down on our luck like hobos, I just couldn’t ruin the moment.

So I ended up dressed for adventure like so:

Grab Bag Darkling

The Pixie and the Strongman laughed very, very hard at us when they crashed down out of the sky in their airship, balloon, tingy. Miss Fuschia the pixie told us she would design a new clothing line after our style and call it Grab Bag. Professor Alphonso, her steadfast strongman, mostly just tried not to look too closely at Lady Amber, who had “valiantly” declined all but the most necessary of coverings.

Stop looking at me like that! I am not suffering a tea hallucination! A pixie and a strongman really did come down out of the sky on a balloon. Oh, where is that photographe… It’s probably at the bottom of my bag, all torn and scuffed and bloodied and scorched, considering all the wild things that happened next


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  1. Diamanda Gustafson said,

    Too bad your beaded purse wouldn’t fit any shoes 😉

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