Screaming in the Stadium

October 15, 2007 at 1:50 am (Caledon, celebrations, ETC Adventures (Doctor... Who?))

The Lady stumbles in, drunk and giggling and really not acting like a lady at all. She is redheaded again, dressed in the Caledon tartan: a great ribbon of it in her hair, and her kilt-skirt shockingly showing most of her thighs in a culture in which showing as much as a stockinged ankle or uncovered shoulder is considered quite naughty. She is flushed and joyous.

Hooo, freakin yay! Oiya, trees, iszza shame yeh can’t dance and scream and stomp yehr roots! What a fanTAStic game today, Caledon versus CDS, great Caledon against Neufreistadt! And hardly anyone even mentioned the war.

Dere’s oooonnnnlyyy one! Rooooooyyy Smaashcan!

I haven’t had that much fun watchin a spectator sport since I was a wee gairl watchin a war from hilltop! We laughed and screamed and cheered on our team, and what a great match! Both sides performed excellently, even when the ball poofed out of existence. The lead kept trading back and forth til finally they won 6-5 in the Sudden Death… and we Caledonians were clearly in the majority, and havin the most bloody fun, so it’s safe to say we all won.

Afterwards, we stumbled to the Salty Mermaid in Kittiwickshire, where Lady Gabi spun great rousin celtic tunes, bagpipes and e’en played the nortiest song ever, “The Good Ship Venus”. Look, look, I have pictures!

This one’s the view from the crowd… that’s me on the right there, with the ribbon in me hair…

And here’s the crowd doin what Oolon called a “Mexican Wave” at Terry’s direction. That’s she with the wings, and the Old Man imself, in front o’ me. Trust his luck to sit right behind the screamer! …

An’ here’s the team, with Miss Martini Discovolante at the apex. She made all the uniforms, aren’t they smashing? That’s Roy at the bottom center in his kilt. If I hadn’t droonk so bloody much I might remember the rest of the team’s names. Well they were all awe-inspirin and quite scream-worthy…

And here’s the aftermatch party, at the Salty Mermaid in Kittiwickshire… that’s me’n Gabi dancin on the table, and Oolon there arm wrestlin with a pretty gairl, and a lotta people gettin droonker an more revelrous…

Finally, here’s me’n Gabi, imean, Her Grace the Duchess of Carntaigh, dancin like hooligans on th’table. For once, I’m showin more skin than she at the party! ….

Now I’d better get goin. Oolon says he’d like a chat with me. I’m prolly in trouble!

The Lady stops short for a moment, sobering up fast.

Oh. I’m probably in. A LOT of trouble.


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