Plans Within Plans

October 16, 2007 at 10:18 am (ETC Adventures (Doctor... Who?), original poetry/prose)

The Lady paces the grove, thinking hard. The worn earth beneath her feet bears testament to the fact that she has been doing so for hours. She is very, very pale, her eyes glittering like sharp stars, clearly not entirely human. She stops by the bridge, and picks up a bottle of dark glass, drinking deeply, a long pull, her cheeks flushing a bit, then sets it down. She returns to her paces, twisting her fingers round and round each other, and round a strange key on a silver chain. She addresses the silent trees, the cold night air, her own thoughts, with a voice that slides from deeply determined to soft and tender and back again. Her heart is overflowing, her mind aflame.

This is dangerous business. Ohhh well I know how to play this game, but dare I play my hidden hand? Will my soul slip again if I do? And if I don’t… won’t it slip, knowing I could do more to help those I love…

There is death been threatened, to me, and to that dark mystery that brings such fear to them, my friends. My precious friends. I cannot let it pass, those threats. I cannot play the part of the obedient one or the follower, for down that path lies death, someone’s death. I feel its’ cold grin. There cannot be any more bloodshed, it cannot be.

They know me now, multi-blooded Abomination that I am. I can trust them, my dear friends. I know that now, and I can trust them to respect me and to continue to love me. Oh, my heart, I am so grateful that you are being so well cared for, such a sooth to know that I needn’t fear that cold rejection. It makes this all so much easier, and yet so much harder, knowing that I have so very much to lose.

But what of the rest? A slip and their associate would hunt me down, slay me for the mere truth of my existence, bearing too much resemblance to her enemies. A revelation of what they most fear, and they would hunt him, seek his destruction in revenge for — for what? pain and harm and banishment from their homes, and shadowy plots for more? But he’s not slain them, and I do not see how that could have been his intention. And there is no proof, none. Only strangeness and fear.

I cannot allow it. I will not allow it. I have power here, and I must not fear to use it. But this is a rebellious path, and will please no one. None but me, to see it through and all these precious souls left whole and alive at the end. I cannot see how to do it without obeying none but my own conscience, without forcing each and every one of us to sacrifice a little to save the whole.

The Lady stops, her eyes hard and determined.

I must go to hunt the mystery, pry open its’ petals with a loving determination. I see no other way.


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