the Tome that Should Not Be

November 2, 2007 at 3:29 pm (Caledon, celebrations, original poetry/prose, Violet Paper publishing, Winterfell)

The chill moist mist lurks along the ground, too afraid to rise any higher than the ankles of the strange residents of this land. It is always twilight, and the elegant streetlamps cast an unnatural, greenish glow.

They say you should never, ever drink the water in Winterfell Absinthe. Stick to the fine sweet herbal liquors; they’re safer.

Violet Paper Book Shop ~ WICKED Tomes ~ in Winterfell Absinthe
Violet Paper Book Shop ~ Wicked Tomes
~ newly opened in Winterfell Absinthe

60, 207, 23

It is said that, for a price, SHOCKING and WICKED and BEAUTIFUL and TERRIBLE Tomes can be found in this dark port town. It is also said that madness and depravity can be see dancing, hand in hand, with chartreuse pixies. Blood can be found, that much is sure, as well as the captured images of Muses and fine Victorian attire.

Some of the residents of fair Caledon, to the south, are alarmed that the dark land of Winterfell has been reaching closer and closer to their white sand shores. Some of the residents of quiet Winterfell are concerned that Caledonian torch-wavers might decide to go a-hunting through their dark castles and ancestral crypts.

Do not drink the water.

Darkling reading a Tome that Should Not Be in the new Violet Paper Book Shop, in Winterfell Absinthe.


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  1. Seraph Nephilim said,

    What a wonderful picture, dear twin.

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