a Darkling lance

November 5, 2007 at 1:38 pm (Caledon, celebrations, ETC Adventures (Doctor... Who?), original poetry/prose)

The Lady, dressed in pale violets, steps purposefully out her front door, surveying the sheltered grove beyond. The morning sun sparkles on the dew of her satin petals, and in her eyes. Her lips quirk in a little smile.

Several of the older birds fly prudently away. They recognize that mischievous smile.

She holds clutched in her hand a new wand, very different from her usual whorled ebony. It is larger, of dark, dark metal, tipped with a twisted purple crystal. There are exciting twisty-turny bits on it that are probably for fine adjustments, but that really just invite fiddling.

She fiddles with them experimentally, and some strange sonics pierce through the forest, scattering the rest of the birds, before she fiddles it quiet again.

After a few minutes of consulting a notecard, she adjusts the sonic lance carefully… then waves it around, gesturing with a grin of childish joy…

… then winces at the result, calling out:

Sorry! SO sorry…!

Hours later, she is still to be found playing with her new toy. She waves it around, savouring the words “sssonic ssscrewdriver“, repeating them with grinning relish. Her fingers lose their grip, and it flies out of her hand, to bury itself halfway into the dirt. Wincing and giggling, she quickly scrambles to retrieve it, brushing it off and looking around guiltily for witnesses of her carelessness.

Obviously, she does not see you.

She murmurs happily,

Soomtimes all a gairl really needs is a new shiny toy. Zzzot! Thankyeh, Oolon.



  1. Nikk Huet said,

    Sheesh, lucky you. He doesn’t trust me with sharp objects…

  2. DarklingRose said,

    ah, yeh’re just too yoong…. round about the time yehr poor mortal body’s aged and about to die… ~then~ he might start considerin yeh to be old enough to trust with pokey tings. /rolls her eyes and laughs

    not that ~I’m~ trustworthy with this ting…! /drops it again

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