a Darkling Waltz

November 9, 2007 at 1:03 am (Caledon, celebrations)

The Lady is finely attired in a new dress… a strange and beautiful dress, made of multiple shifting layers of feathery lace…

I am so very pleased and honoured to announce that Miss Terry Lightfoot, designer of the Victorian and fantasy clothing shop To a T, has just released her new dress… and named it after me!

The Muse beams, flushed with pleasure, and spins in a slow circle… skirts twisting in a sinuous dance…

The Darkling Waltz skirt is in three parts, with SL skirt, and two prim skirts (one being a bustle) in delicate flexy. The jacket is transparent and removable, for when you want people to comment in awe, “My my, did she have that painted on?!”

I tink ’tis one o’ teh most beauteous tings I’ve e’er seen.

Thank yeh, Terry. You honour me greatly.

Good gentles, do find it, and other fine clothing for ladies and gentlemen at:
To a T in Caledon Eyre ~ 66, 204, 22
To a T in Winterfell Absinthe ~ 109, 199, 22



  1. Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said,

    Simply gorgeous! What wonderful work, Miss Lightfoot does – and you, her inspiration for the gown, are an ætherial beauty in it.

  2. DarklingRose said,

    Thank yeh, Yehr Grace!
    /curtsies low, in thanks for the kind compliment

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