Rezday… gazing up at my stars

November 12, 2007 at 3:05 pm (celebrations, original poetry/prose, the Muse sings)

The Muse lays stretched out on a pile of fallen leaves, gazing up at the great dark bowl of night. She smiles, lips soft with contentment, eyes bright with joy.

She gives new names to the stars overhead. Names like songs, like passions, like time and breath and light and sleep. Names after precious friends; the brightest blessings in her sky. Names of Caledon, of travelers already home, of cats and birds and rabbits, of faeries and aliens and djinn, angels and demons. Your name is there among them, stitched up in the sparkling luminosity of her sky.

At the end, she has more blessings than stars.

Two years ago I was rezzed into this world… and my joy only continues to grow. Thank yeh, my precious friends. You are my finest inspiration. You make this SLife so very good.

Yeh’ve given me wings…

She stands, and stretches. Her wings unfurl slowly, like great dark banners rising behind her. She throws her head and arms back, bare and open to the sky… and flies straight up, into infinity.



  1. Seraph Nephilim said,

    Congratulations on this happiest of days. I’m so glad you discovered this world, else I might never have met my twin.

  2. Eladrienne said,

    A happy RezDay to you!!

  3. Emilly Orr said,

    Alas, I missed this.

    There should have been a dance!

    (Unless there was. In which case, I hope it went well!)

  4. DarklingRose said,

    no, there was so much else going on at the same time, I didn’t have a separate party. But those throwing the Robots Rezday bash at Carntaigh on Friday kindly let me glom on. It was a glorious party, I couldn’t’ve thrown a better.

    And as I recall, yeh were in attendance, and quite joyous yehrself /smiles, eyes sparkling merrily

  5. Emilly Orr said,

    I’m trying to enjoy joy while it’s here. It’s not something I’ve been used to, and most of my friends are just so profoundly ill used to a happy Em, some just stare at me, unable to comprehend.

    It’s going to hurt when it goes, but…that’s the other shivery part. What if it doesn’t? Happiness that lasts….I am *very* unused to that!

  6. DarklingRose said,

    ahhh, sister Muse… I understand. And I say… let the joy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes! Of course it will end, someday, or change. That makes it even more imperative that we enjoy it while we have it.

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