Caledon Morgaine is born

November 26, 2007 at 2:14 pm (Caledon, celebrations, original poetry/prose)

Every time a new piece of Caledon emerges from the waters of unprogrammed chaos, I must visit it. I must see it, walk on it, inhale deeply of that new sim smell. I must welcome the land into being, welcome it to its new role in paradise. Sometimes I ride round on it, though today I am feeling too placid to summon my mare from her shadowy corner of my pocket. So it is on foot, and alone, that I walk this new blank island.

If ever you move into your new parcel and find drawn into the mud “Róisín was here”, I hope you’ll forgive that I strolled by in rather a cheeky mood.

This new place’s name is Morgaine… after the witch who has most inspired me in strength and warned me of the pitfalls of passion. Even more than the rest of Caledon, that makes this land feel even more precious to me. Already I own (possibly more than) my share of Caledon, so it has been with great restraint that I have not asked for a piece of this new shore. I am feeling quite fortunate that the newly-located Caledon Studios, where I am lucky enough to be working (more on that later), is just over the border from Morgaine, in Penzance. So I need only look up from the studio to enjoy it.

And it looks to be another ambitious project. The mountains in the flanking Wellsian and Penzance will be nearly met, midair, with the arching, floating mountain in Morgaine. So there is mountain over water, the passage beneath forming the entry from the open seas into the firth.

Here is Caledon Morgaine, a blank slate, new sim, just a few days ago:

And now it’s the next morn, I’ve walked out to Morgaine.. and found the sea passage as planned… (looking quite beautifully vulvic, mmm, nice design, Guvnah!) and covered in snow.

…and the great mountain, laced through and through with gravity-defying cavorite:

(To understand the scale, please notice me here, the little black figure near the bottom right corner.)

It takes the breath away…!



  1. Otenth Paderborn said,

    Beautiful photos, Lady Darkling. “Hey, I can see my house from here!”

  2. DarklingRose said,

    Thankyeh, Lord Otenth… and yeh will be seein more of me, flying or boating past yehr house in Caledon Murdann, on me way to or from the studios in Penzance. Any excuse to gaze at this amazing new piece of Caledon!

  3. Elle said,

    I love your photos! Morgaine is going to be beautiful!

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