Tribute Island is open

November 26, 2007 at 3:00 pm (celebrations, original poetry/prose, the writing of others)

Never pass up the chance to dance. Better yet if it be a dance with the dead.

Tribute Island, memorial park sim is open!

From Nikk Huet‘s inworld notecard about the sim:

Tribute Island is all about celebrating the lives of the people we’ve lost and loved. People who have inspired us, entertained us, selflessly protected us, and who have filled our lives with sound and colour.

Most of our exhibits are interactive in some way. This place has loads of ‘Easter eggs’ just for fun. The island is roughly divided into topical areas. Enjoy exploring, and click the exhibits for freebies and to leave your own tribute. We also hold regular events, and information is posted for these both in the Info Centre and at the hub. Why not grab a free Tribute Island scooter from near the main telehub to help you get about.

This place is not to be missed. Aside from being a beautiful and lagfree build, the numerous tributes to those who have passed before us are profound, moving, funny and inspiring.

And fun!

I love to screeeeam! Here I am playing Fay Wray, at the tribute to the actress.

This place is not to be missed… Visit Tribute Island today, alone or with friends. And bring me along… I’m still trying to finish the treasure hunt!



  1. Emilly Orr said,

    Plus? The dance was a great deal of fun.

    I actually ended up staying until it was just Miss Qli, Trun, and myself dancing until the wee hours. A truly grand time was had by all, I think, and barring that bit in the middle where the floor went away–thankfully no one drowned!–I think it was quite the successful launch.

  2. Emilly Orr said,

    Oh, and…you might hurt me for this. Blame Miss London Spengler. But you’ve been tagged.

    *slinks off*

  3. DarklingRose said,

    Emilly, hurt yeh? nevah! my dear sister Muse, I want to kiss yeh for such a kind and glowing tag! I’ll be tagging back soon…

  4. Kiralette Kelley said,

    I’m afraid, My dear… *adds her tag to the list*

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