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December 11, 2007 at 3:51 pm (Caledon, celebrations, original poetry/prose, Roísín's History)

The Muse, chilled by the season, curls up with warm company… scratching into a leatherbound journal with a quill pen made of an owl’s feather, while the snowkissed trees look silently on…

I have been tagged three times now, by Miss Emilly, Lord Zealot and Miss Kiralette… and so! as requested, eight (actually non-)random facts about me… (and by “me” I mean, Darkling/Róisín, as well as the writer behind… ALL of ME. This makes the exercise more meaningful to all who might read, as well as particularly difficult for me to write…)

I do hope that’s alright.  If you tagged me and want to squawk over that… squawk.

The rules:

(1) Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

(2) People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.

(3) At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

(4) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1. Those who hear me speak English often ask about my accent. It was born with me, in sixteenth-century Eire, so it is rather unequal parts Irish, Elizabethan English, corrupted slightly by French, and corrupted greatly by the American accent. Get me drunk and generally the Irish comes out thicker. That last bit is true on more levels than I care to point out.

2. I hardly remember Ireland, and surely I would not recognize it today… but it calls to me still, in music, in the old lyrical tongue, and in ways less easily defined. But oddly enough, my first clear memories are of Chipping-Under-Oakwood, in England. That is where my father took me to meet the Queen, the first Elizabeth. Whilst others called out “God Save the Queen!”, we Irish called out “God Shave the Queen!” I only got caught saying that once, and my charm extricated me from the trouble quicker than you could say “Flight of the Earls”.

3. I’ve lived most of my life in America. And still, I don’t really feel like an American. But I do feel like a Caledonian. Now that I’ve lived here for well over a year, I find myself more and more every day a patriot. I love this land, this people, this dream… our diversity and humour, good manners and wicked charm. I am deeply grateful we don’t have to worry about Homeland “Security” from any but Neualtenbergers who don’t know the war’s over and the occasional griefer.

4. Growing older is strange… I find that in nearly all ways, I find myself improving. But what is disturbing is how much slides out of memory. I remember my youth better than I do the events of ten years ago.

5. Yes, I am older than I look; I am immortal, at least until something kills me. I doubt it will be mere old age. And I am quite sure that will not be the end of my soul.

6. It is very, very difficult to choose, but my favourite book of all time is probably Stardust, by Neil Gaiman. I love anything he’s written. Neverwhere is a close second.

7. My favourite colour is a dark electric bluish-violet. It doesn’t occur in nature very often, but when it does, it screams like a banshee in the faraway darkness. You might see it in the petals of a strange violet, or rare pansy, or in the sky on the far side of sunset. Everyone’s eyes are different, so you might see it and think it black, or navy blue, or purple. The simplest way I can show you is to point you to this link and tell you to imagine “persian indigo” and “dark violet” in an unholy union.

8. Five citizens of Caledon have told me they moved here because of my book shops, that they thought Caledon a bit too proper until they saw my publications of antique nude photography, antique and modern erotic paintings, and passionate inworld photography. I have seen each of them go on to become landowners, shopkeepers, and great delights at social events. One told me she hadn’t any interest in Victoriana until she’d peeked through that keyhole into 19th century sensuality. So if you’re going to blame anyone for Caledon growing, with more citizens who chat about all manner of subject and laugh at wicked jokes… go on. Blame me. I dare you.

9. I love to break the rules.

Now! I am tagging:

Miss Emilly Orr: Welcome to the Train Wreck Love Life – Because she started it, and I adore her lush writing and fearless heart.

Mister Zealot Benmergui, Baron of BardHaven, Marquis d’Illyria: The News From BardHaven – Because, if tagged again, he might tell us more. Here is a gentleman in the (finely-cut) coat of a villain. The more he tells us, the clearer we can see that.

Miss Kiralette Kelley: What the Mouse Saw – Because tagbacks are FUN! And she might squeak if tagged again, which would be OH so cute. Making this dear friend squeak is one of my most favourite games.

Commodore Oolon Sputnik: 500 Year Diary – Because his journal has been quiet for too long, and this gentleman is a good friend, and a mystery to many. That, and it will make him grumble to be tagged, which will be very, very funny. Mwah!

Miss Terry Lightfoot: Slow Boat – Because her journal, too, has been quiet too long, and I adore the way she speaks her mind. This dear fellow sidhe is smashing; a greatly-talented clothing designer, who should blow her own horn (in her journal and elsewhere) more often.

Miss Achariya Maktoum: Achariya.net – Because she’s cute! and fun company. And has quite sweetly kept me from missing Silent Sparrow limited releases. She makes a cute boy, too.

Dame Lapin Paris, Knight of Caledon: Life and Times of Lapin ParisBecause this great lady, one of Caledon’s darlings, will probably surprise us. The more I learn of her, the more I adore her. Whatta Dame!

Miss Sysperia Poppy – My artist. Because I had to tag a non-Caledonian friend. Never mind that she was tagged already, or that she is on the land waiting list (along with half the civilized grid, it seems); I want you to go to her blog, see how beautifully vibrant she is, and discover (or re-discover) her amazing art.



  1. Emilly Orr said,

    But I said no more facts!

    *taps her foot, thinking*

    Definitely no more tagging people. I do believe we’ve nearly hit everyone once, now.

    *thinks, but Bloodwing hasn’t had to answer anything…*

    But eight more? Eight more?!? That’s verging on personal confessional, now, my dear!

  2. Emilly Orr said,

    And I did not start it! Miss London Spengler started it! I just ran gleefully with it on fire in my hands. 🙂

  3. Sysperia Bitterly Tagged Poppy said,

    oy. The tagging. Do I really have to answer this? 😮 *hides*

  4. DarklingRose said,

    No, you don’t have to post again, my dears. Look at me, I’m only doing it once. But I wanted to crow a little about how wonderful you are, and point people at your blogs.

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