Caledon Studios Opening Party / Book Launch

December 12, 2007 at 9:25 pm (Caledon, Caledon Studios machinema, celebrations, Sysperia Poppy's Art, Violet Paper publishing)

The Muse dances in a world of sepia and silver: sparkling sequined dress white and shining, teeth, eyes, luminous. Hair a twist of dark colourless shadows. She stops in her dance and turns to you, striking a pose, flashing a brilliant smile (each tooth a flickering candle behind celluloid), and speaks…

… but you hear no sound, only the swelling music playing still, by a great monstrous pipe organ belching steam. A black card suddenly fills your vision, imprinted with letters of gleaming argent, five feet long and luminous:







The silver Lady fills your vision again; now she is dancing with a surprisingly spry old man with bright white hair and a long black tailcoat; a quick waltz that almost syncs up to the music. They smile, joyous and confident and without a care, as only those in the kinetoscope pictures can be. They throw a handful of handbills at you… and somehow the room around you is suddenly filled with them, fluttering through the air like confused birds. You pick one up:



You’re Invited…

Come feel the glamour! It’s an open set!

Walk the red carpet & dance with the stars!


Caledon Studios Opening Party
and “Sysperia’s Darkling” Book Launch


Friday 14th December ‘07
1pm to 5pm SLT – 9pm to 1am GMT

Caledon Studios, Caledon Penzance

Music by Duchess Gabrielle Riel


Dress for the Silver Screen!




  1. Edward Pearse said,

    So how was it? I’ve seen absolutely nothing on the aetherweb about the opening and was very disappointed I was unable to make it.

  2. DarklingRose said,

    ohhh it was a great and glorious party! I would estimate we had about 100 people show up, cresting at about 50 at once. Lady Gabrielle’s music was nothing short of inspirational, playing joyous and danceable movie music from the earliest years of the silver screen, just up into the modern era. No one perished from raygun fire. I’ll be writing more on it, and posting photographes soon.

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