Champagne and the Silver Screen… and photographes

December 16, 2007 at 6:38 pm (Caledon, Caledon Studios machinema, celebrations)

Shhh… the Lady is deeply asleep (read: passed out) on the couch of dark leather, with a soft satisfied smile on her face. There are the mingled scents of snow and roses and champagne in the room, and photographes spread all over the floor. Clearly, it has been a good weekend…

Caledon Studios Opening Party – 14 December

Ohhh it was a great and glorious party! I would estimate we had about 100 people show up, cresting at about 50 at once. Lady Gabrielle’s music was nothing short of inspirational, playing joyous and danceable movie music from the earliest years of the silver screen, just up into the modern era. No one perished from raygun fire.

(photographes by Oolon Sputnik)

Oolon takes shots of the crowd

Oolon Takes Shots of the Crowd – No no no not at the crowd.


Dancing with the Old Man


Me (in a rare Twiggy bob), dancing with Miss Achariya


1 Comment

  1. Seraph Nephilim said,

    So sorry I missed this and glad to see it went off with a bang!

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