Snow and Roses… and photographes

December 16, 2007 at 7:27 pm (Caledon, celebrations, Winterfell)

Shhh… she’s still asleep… but the photographes tell the tale…

Winterfell-Caledon Winter Solstice Ball – 15 December

What a great and glorious affair! Tonight we celebrated the season. We: Caledon, and our northern neighbors, Winterfell. Together, we are the Realm of the Roses. There is nothing between our great nations now but calm waters.

The Seneschal of Winterfell, Miss Serra Anansi, the Dark Lady of the North, and the Duchess of Caledon Carntaigh, Miss Gabrielle Riel, the Nightengale, brought us together for a beautiful, revelrous night…

I, along with many other of the ladies of our beautiful nations, had been planning my outfit with great gleeful anticipation. Why, my dress was so perfectly suited to the event, I was a bit concerned some other poor lady would show up wearing the same thing… and shame herself, as none could possibly have looked as fine as I… hah!

The Great Winterfell Hall – Alas, that it could not handle the over 75 guests without crashing… very, very hard. Miss Serra told us later that she had to have a Linden restart the sim on a different server! We should be proud…


The Party Quickly Relocated to Cape Wrath, Caledon – A perfect place to relocate, as the recent appearance of Cape Wrath is the final piece linking our two nations together.


Lady Darkling, Marquise of West Speirling Isle – Many were having difficulty with lag, even in this pristine place. So I removed my prim shoes and skirt to lessen my own contribution to the load. Oi! If there’s any point to being an aristocrat, it’s to flaunt the rules of social convention… with style.


Dancing with the Sweet Dark Lady of the North – Miss Serra


Dancing with the gentlemanly JJ Drinkwater, Director of the Caledon Library, Knight Commander of the Library Militant


Mister Aberdon Enigma and Lady Gabrielle


Mister Podruly Peccable & Miss Kiralette Kelley – the Gentleman Fox and the Kitten, a snowfall vision in white.


Miss Terry Lightfoot & Mister Oolon Sputnik – Do not ask him why the Time Lord was so late.


Miss Cornelia Rothschild, Caledon’s darling clockwork girl, as always looking adorable. Miss Cornelia is quite a bit stronger than she looks, and gave me the best laugh in an evening already filled with mirth. Do not get on this sweetling’s bad side. As she has said, she can “end you with one arm.” Of course it was all a little dance card misunderstanding and quickly cleared up, wasn’t it dearies? Rumours of her “donning black robes and studying the dark arts” at my feet are… quite amusing, are they not?


the Yule Tree – On the shores of Caledon, with Winterfell visible in the distance. Long live our joyous alliance!


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