a trip to 21st century California

June 24, 2009 at 6:10 am (ETC Adventures (Doctor... Who?), original poetry/prose, the Muse sings, Truth Stranger than Fiction)

You have heard this sound before, this mechanical wheezing, this strange cosmic grinding.  This sound is the herald of adventure.  No one notices as the kiosk advertising flights to tropical climes fades into view, as the sound reaches its’ climax.  It quietens with a thunk, as if Time and Reality have slotted heavily into place.

A youngish-looking woman with long purple hair steps from behind it, dressed in watery green silks and pulling a large suitcase behind her.  It takes you a few moments to recognize the Muse; she has made great efforts with her appearance to blend in to her surroundings, just as her strange transport has done.

As she falls into step behind a group of brightly-clad vacationers, she pulls a small device out of her luggage.  For a moment, she forgets herself, and holds it like a book.  Then she seems to remember what it is, and holds it to her ear.

She speaks into it quietly, with a drowsy satisfied smile as she walks past windows showing great jet aeroplanes.

If you were standing close to her, this is what you would hear…

Hello darling… I’ve just landed… it was a great trip, though I’m glad I’ll be home soon; travelling is so exhausting!  Even when it is so swift as this.

I met Terry the first day and we had a fabulous time in San Francisco; steampunk shopping and fun with corsetry, pedicures (her first!) and fine food… and best of all, good times with a good friend.  And no one even noticed her wings!  That there is testament to the wonderful strangeness of that city.

One of the shops had a wee pixie corpse on display… I wasn’t sure whether I should be horrified or amused, so I chose to be horrifically amused.  I took pics for Oolon… here, let me show yeh:

the sign on the box

the sign on the box

the Poor Dead Pixie

the Poor Dead Pixie

Terry and I had to part too soon, though we know we will see each other in Caledon, or New Gallifrey.  Perhaps we will meet up at SteamCon in October 2009CE.  I do hope so!

Then I travelled the Bay Area Rapid Transit system to the end of the line in a dusty place and met up with the most beautiful redhead of the 21st century.  Yes, the Red Fey!  In all the worlds, in all the times, she and her husband are my dearest friends, the siblings to my spirit.  I can never get enough time with them, though we made a good go of it, spending four days together.  They are both much better acclimated to the hot and dusty sun of California than I… I thought at times I might explode into flame!  But managed to stay close to shadow and only came away with my skin tanned.  So strange!

My darling husband even took a break from his work to join me at the weekend.  I missed him so!  There is nothing like time apart to show the depths of fondness.

Most precious of all was the ceremony on the Solstice… oh, the sun was relentless, but there was cool shadow from the trees, and best of all, great good company from old luminous acquaintances.  Such a sweetness to the soul, that they remembered me, despite the years past since last we met.

The ceremony was a handfasting, a rare (and possibly unique) union of four bright souls.  My spirit still feels so still and honoured at the priviledge at witnessing.  The Siren sang a beautiful invocation to Inanna, and the Priest showed his maritime skill at tying so many knots!  The resulting spiral of cords was like a web or a net.  May it catch them love and great satisfaction in the coming year!

The Priest was a man I’d only ever heard of, the husband of the great witch who married my husband and I, and who was sadly taken to the Summerland this past year.  It was so sad to hear of the harsh ending of her time in this life… but reassuring to know that her Goddess brought her home.  Tara will never be forgotten by those whose lives she touched.

The happy quadriga is now off on a much-deserved vacation… and now I am nearly returned home.  O! for a cuddle with my kitties, and a soak in the hot spring!


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