Granted Right of Tardis

June 25, 2009 at 11:24 am (ETC Adventures (Doctor... Who?), original poetry/prose, Roísín's History, the Muse sings)

She steps out from behind a tree mismatched to this forest, then startles as she sees you.  As the Lady drops her gaze, flushes and fidgets nervously, you realize you have caught her at… something?  But at what?  The sight of an aristocratic banshee stepping away from a tree in the midst of this tangled wood should not be strange, but expected…

Ahhh… and then, as the twitterings of the birds quieten for a moment,  you hear that soft hum, not from lips but from a Machine.  It is subtle, but you are sure you hear it… strangely soothing, but unmistakably, it is Teknology!

She murmurs a greeting… then, with exaggerated languor, stretches her arm out to something on the other side of the tree’s trunk, something you cannot see… there is the unlikely sound of a door slamming shut, then the hum is gone.

Oh!  ehm… well, hallo there.  Beautiful day, is it not…?

She feigns innocence and looks up at the leafy canopy arching overhead, at the sky… then sees that your gaze is still lingering on the tree beside her, whose branches are just a bit too still, whose leaves a bit too shiny.  The Lady sighs, pulling a couple of leaves from her hair as she contemplates your face.  She comes to a decision… then breaks into a smile, her eyes sparkling in delight.  The Banshee steps closer to you, and speaks in hushed, conspiratorial tones…

Ohhh, I’ve been just so thrilled; just recently I was granted right of TARDIS!

Thanks to Oolon’s encouragement (and nosey ETC scans), and thanks to… that Other…

I have discovered a strange not-quite ancestry, a triple helix spinning in me, granting Magiks of Time and Space.

I have joined House Arcalian, and pledged to lend my aid to New Gallifrey and the refugees there.

So… I’ve got a new ship to play with!  Wouldya like ta see?

She beckons… and against prudence, you follow… through a door cut into the tree trunk, and into…

This tree is bigger on the inside than the outside!

The View on Entering

Isn’t it grand?  It’s the Hourglass console room, designed by Angus Mesmer and provided by the Hands of Omega.  Most of the decor is by Baron Grayson of RELIC, and the rest by Sky Everett Designs.

The Console, with Speirling Lightning Installed

I’ve installed a bottle of Speirling Lightning for extra power, and nothing has exploded… yet.


The bookcase holds a large selection of some of my favorite tomes… books of writing or photographes I’ve published through Violet Petals, and books I’ve found at the Caledon Library.

a comfy velvet couch

Isn’t it just utterly ripping?!  I’d be zooming all across Time and Space, had Oolon not installed it with… er… training wheels. No travelling to my own timeline, which puts a real crimp on visiting most of the fun parts of history!  I’m quite a bit older than I look. E’en if it doesn’t take me all o’er, I have had great fun in decorating… and teaching her to grow.

The Banshee looks at you with strange eyes full of serious alien mischief.  She speaks in a low, reverent tone, and you feel the machine, the ship, vibrating just slightly under your feet.

Ohhh aye… she’s alive, and thinking, is this and any Tardis.

And she I have given seedlings from my experiments in the Tanglewood, fed they and her on pulverized cavorite, waters from the Caledon firth and waters from the dawn of Time, fed her on droplets of my blood and songs of my heart, and she has grown.

Just beyond the door built by Teknology, I heard a great creaking and groaning, of branch growing fast.  After the console said the space beyond was safe and sealed from whatever is “outside” the inside, I threw the door wide, and was blinded!  A light streamed down from above, from without, illuminating and feeding the new growth.  The Tardis knew how close the walls felt to me, how I longed to see further, to see outside… and see, she has made it so!

What’s this? Beyond the doors… it is growing!

The Skylight to the “Outside” lets in blinding light, and a spinning sight of the Vortex

The Banshee has donned heavier clothing in the blink of an eye, and now steps gingerly into the streaming column of light, raising the parasol over her head.

Ohhh, if my Sire could see me now!

She laughs, a wholly un-reassuring sound.  She beckons to  you to step into the light with her…



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