Darkling Stalks a Dalek

June 26, 2009 at 9:18 am (ETC Adventures (Doctor... Who?), original poetry/prose, the Muse sings)

A terrible beast, like a giant malicious pepperpot, wanders aimlessly around the great marble hall, the sounds of its’ wheels echoing on the high ceiling.  It makes no reaction as the tall pillar wheezes and grinds its’ way into existence in the center of the room.  The young Lady steps out, looking lighthearted until she lays eyes on the metal beast.  Her whole body startles at the sight, and, alarmed, she flings herself back behind the pillar.  With comedic slowness, she peeks around the other side of the pillar, one long purple ringlet falling between her eyes.

The metal beast goes on touring the hall, its’ eyestalk swinging round and round in no relation to the movements of its’, er, body… its’ plunger-like limb twitching and twisting at nothing at all.

In short, the beast looks like it has not seen her, and in fact that it is utterly mindless.

The Lady disappears behind the pillar again, and there is the sound of rummaging, of metal canisters knocking hollowly together.  Then you hear a stream of gas hissing forth first softly, then sharply as it is ignited.

She reappears, goggled and grinning in sadistic glee, armed with Miss Ordinal Malaprop’s not-to-be-used-as-a-weapon Cutting Torch.  The torch is lit, glowing like the slice of an angry star.  Staying low to the ground and on the other side of its’s eyestalk, the Lady silently follows the monster as it wanders this way and that, carefully getting closer… and closer…

Finally, she judges herself close enough, stands up tall, and raises the torch above her head, snarling as she strikes!

Later, reclining on the couch off to the side of the hall, she praises Miss Malaprop’s skill at creating a Dalek-opener, and at her own skill in its’ use.  A shame no one was there to agree with her.


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