found out by the TARDIS Press!

June 27, 2009 at 10:14 am (ETC Adventures (Doctor... Who?), original poetry/prose, Truth Stranger than Fiction)

A peaceful morning cuppa…

Enjoying the Morning Aethernet o’er Irish Breakfast (with feyrie additives) tea

… is interruped by a shock!  A discovery that The Press has found my private journal!

So shocked I nearly swallowed my new cog piercing!!

The Banshee stalks about, storming angrily!  Hair and glances flung all round!

Who found the hiding place of my sekrit journal?!  Now the press speaks of it!  Scandalous.

Yeh!  Did ~you~ tell them of the tree stump where I hide my journal?!

Holds up the aethernet to you, rustling the pages:

~~ TARDIS Newsroom ~~
PICK OF THE BLOGS:  in the Darkling Grove, listening with the trees
(near the bottom)



  1. Terry Lightfoot said,

    SWEAR TO GOD, on the honor of the sidhe, I didn’t!!!!!
    /runs and hides in the Ethereal Travelling Cabinet’s garden.

    • DarklingRose said,

      Oh, Terry… I believe yeh!

  2. Doctor_No1 said,

    Twas I, I admit it, whilst tuning the scanner in my old TARDIS she came up with your musings and used her telepathic circuit to send it out to a site she seems to have set up on her own for humans living in the Mutters spiral.

    • DarklingRose said,

      Yeh! Nosy Doctor_No1 and nosy old TARDIS! Publishing the private sekrit journal of a Lady, for shame!

      Well. Thank yeh at least for not publishing the n– oother tings hidden in the tree stump as well.

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