addressing Arcalian, first meeting. New Gallifrey.

June 29, 2009 at 7:44 pm (ETC Adventures (Doctor... Who?), original poetry/prose, Roísín's History)

We are on New Gallifrey, gathered around the table in a circle, all of us wearing Arcalian Green.  Though the table possesses no head, still all eyes are focused on the Lord Cardinal Oolon, called The Sputnik.  He asks for introductions, and one by one, we attempt to condense the centuries we’ve lived and what they’ve done to us into a handful of words.  We all speak, and then it comes to be my turn…

The Lady sometimes called The Banshee speaks with a soft lilting accent that suggests Ireland… and a great many other places as well.  Clearly a traveller…

Greetings… I am Darkling, Marquise of West Speirling, in Caledon.  I am… a woman of mixed blood, and of magik.  I am learning science and of the old Gallifrey, while helping to build the new.

Later, the Lord Cardinal mentions there are a few notable ancient Gallifreyans that concern him and the House.  He turns to her and asks,

Who is The Jinn…?

The lady looks long at Oolon, then to Terry… then her gaze wanders up, into space, as she composes her thoughts and self…

Well.  Regardless of what else might be said of him… my own experiences have been quite positive, if mysterious…
Put simply, were it not for The Jinn, I would not be here among you today. He saved my life, many centuries ago, and by saving mine, allowed me to save my family. Were it not for him, I would not still be able to breathe this sweet air, or walk with my face turned to the sun.  It is from him that I inherit the triple helix, though I am not his descendant.
What I do know of him is that he is not mortal, claims to be a Time Lord, if not obviously a renegade (like so many of us here have been labeled at one time or t’other), and possesses a TARDIS.  He seems to know of Oolon.
He… feels… very old, and walks in shadow, his eyes, shadow. He is… curious about some of us.  He can change his shape at will.

She takes a deep breath, and if you are perceptive, you can see there is a deep inner conflict nearly hidden in her eyes…

Beyond that, I can be sure of nothing about him.  I feel a curiosity about him, and a… sympathy with him.  I know of long experience, however, that one must be cautious of one’s perceptions of an Ancient.

Still… should yeh meet him, I would encourage yeh to treat him with respect as well as caution.  And… if yeh would be so kind… do remember me to him?  I still have many, many questions.  And tell me, please tell me if yeh see him.

The lady with purple hair drops her gaze, carefully holding her tongue on more controversial speculations… for now.

Miss Lightfoot, Oolon’s companion, looks angry at these words.  The two fey women exchange uncomfortable glances, but keep silent on whatever else they may think, or know…

A bit of an awkward meeting… but at least we all looked fantastic! wearing our robes by To~A~T.


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