the Flowers over the Fence

July 10, 2009 at 1:31 pm (original poetry/prose, the Muse sings, Truth Stranger than Fiction)

The wysteria
it rooted in the neighbor’s yard
and grew over the fence into ours.
It was so beautiful
so new and questing and vital the vines, so lush
so delicate and trembling the blooms in the sweet summer breeze.
Then they did something to it to kill it
something over there, across the fence.
Was it cut? I cannot see, and don’t know them well enough to ask.
So slowly it died.
Now it hangs there, shrivelled
but I cannot bear to pull it down
because it is still pretty, even in death
and reminds me of when it was beautiful.

Don’t trust another to grow your flowers.
I think I shall plant my own.



  1. Terry Lightfoot said,

    Yes we have Wysteria in our’s huge and far reaching, requires yearly mutilating. She’s gorgeous and smells amazing, a combination of orange blossom and grape candies.

    • DarklingRose said,

      your wysteria is welcome in our yard 🙂

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