October 31, 2009 at 5:31 am (celebrations, original poetry/prose, the Muse sings, Truth Stranger than Fiction, Uncategorized)

The sky is dark, the black trees and silvered clouds shivering, dancing in the wild wind.  All the houses seen in the distance across the water are dark, their occupants silent and sleeping.

The red clouds over the island suddenly cease their pouring, in deference to the Lady that appears beneath the oldest, tallest tree.  The swollen moon shines softly on her garments, lunar white, then crimson red, with deep black shadows.  The wind tosses her long dark hair about with the clouds.

She steps out from the shifting shadows of the tree, into the full light of the moon.  She raises her arms in reverent greeting and her voice in lilting song…

Awake, awake!
you ancient watchers
Awake, awake!
and let me in
Come down, come down
from your waiting houses
Come down, come down
and let me in*

As her words spin out into the soft storm, she grows silent as the houses across the lapping waters.  She sinks into a warm steaming pool cradled by the arm of the island.  Her eyes flutter closed, her lips curving in pleasure.

Eventually, the crimson clouds can contain themselves no longer, and they burst forth in warm red rain.  When you blink, the Lady is gone, leaving only a swirl of steam upon the water, and the memory of her song in your mind.

* Awake! by Sharon Knight


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